It’s been a few weeks since your team was here to clean our windows. I just wanted to say thanks again for providing this service. Every single day, I am just delighted to be able to appreciate my sparkling windows and the beautiful views to our garden from every room in the house, upstairs and down.

Susan Stiles

Good morning Steve. Karen Martin calling. I just wanted to call and say thank you very much. The side walk looks great at the Crossroads and the Commerce Center. Please pass that along to your guys. They did an excellent job. Thanks so much. Bye bye.

Karen Martin

Extremely Happy, they did a marvelous job, both inside and out. Extremely pleasant and efficient. Only problem was a blown circuit that I noticed after Eric left. Not sure how that happened.

Sue G

Extremely Happy, Heidi and Kale did an outstanding job in a quick and responsible manner.


Extremely Happy, efficient, quality window cleaning, respectful of my property, pleasant attitude……….I am very grateful for your service. And Heidi is absolutely terrific……….she remembers how I want things and she is just so efficient and pleasant.

Ruth M

Extremely Happy, You sent your Ace team! Thank you!

Leigh B

Extremely Happy, Eric and Steve did a good job.

Joan B

Satisfied, Nice workers. Vinyl looks great, windows fine, but a bit disappointed in how the gutters turned out (still streaked).

Joan D

Extremely Happy, Friendly quick service

Brooke R

Only downside is that I now have to clean my windows on the outside….hmmmmmmm. Oh right, they do windows too!

Don A

Extremely Happy, Your employees are very courteous, and seem to be happy in what they are doing. They did an excellent. I love the way our windows sparkle when they are done. When I asked them to do a few additional inside French doors, they happily complied, though I know they are not easily done.

Daniel and Cheryl M

Extremely Happy, Your employees were very pleasant. Did a fantastic job

Lynette B

Extremely Happy, The team always takes their time and does an extremely good job.

JoAnne P

Extremely Happy, quick & well done!

Selma R

Extremely Happy, Very professional employees. Effiecently made my house and windows sparking clean! Gutters flushed. Defiantly will use ur services in future. I will contact you when I need them. Found you via HomeAdvisor.com and gave u good review . Appreciate your patience answering my initial questions. Definitely liked being able schedule service via email.

Marsha W

Extremely Happy

Natalie G

Extremely Happy, The crew arrived on time, were very friendly, competent and efficient.The results of both jobs–window washing and pressure washing–were excellent. Our expectations were met and exceeded.


Extremely Happy, Heidi & her helper did a terrific job. Everything looks beautiful. We are well pleased.

George T

Extremely Happy, Polite, hardworking employees. They got straight to business, were a pleasure to have in my home. AND they do a fabulous job. I can’t stop enjoying my clean windows today!

Kathy P

Extremely Happy

Darlene P

Extremely Happy, Very courteous, friendly and did a very good job.

Sherry W

Extremely Happy, Squeegee Klean sent a team of professional, hard working and efficient cleaners that worked well together.

Patti G

Extremely Happy, Heidi and her team were outstanding. Very polite and respectful kids that did a very detailed job. I’m considered a type A personality and to please me with cleaning is very hard. I have to say I was pleased with their professionalism and work at my house. I will now switch to your company to do my house every year.

Linda B

Extremely Happy

Sandy P

Extremely Happy, Thank you so much! You always do a nice job, and my mother is thrilled with her windows!

Lori W

Extremely Happy, Fantastic crew-polite, professional, and friendly. Clean windows upon completion….goal achieved!

Kate D

I am very satisfied and love my sparkling windows! Steve and Eric deserve a rating of 20 based on 1 to 10 review. Both were courteous, friendly and very professional.


Extremely Happy

Hazel L

Extremely Happy

Joyce L

The gentlemen who came to the house were very professional and suggested that we remove screens to show off windows better since we were preparing house to sell. They took off the screens bundled them together and stacked them neatly where I directed. They also spoke to me before and after cleaning the gutters, explaining what they could and could not accomplish and then deducted $$ from our final bill to cover what they could not do. They were on time, stayed until the job was done and left after a job well done. Their prices seemed in line with similar services.

Mary B

Satisfied, I had some streaks and rivulet of water on a few windows I guess from the squeegee. Had to get out the ladder and fix it. Not happy to have to do that. Most windows did look good.

Joan N

Extremely Happy, Your representatives are always on time, professional and kind.

Lorraine D

Extremely Happy, Heidi was great communicator. Nice team. Friendly, efficient service. Professional in all respects.

Kathe C

Satisfied, Although they arrived very late, they did the job well and quickly.

Frances L

Extremely Happy, Heidi and Kale are really great in every way

Renee C

Extremely Happy, Thank you for a great job. The siding looks almost new. Workers were friendly and fast, and the price was affordable. Will definitely give you referrals and use your service again.

Mary C

Extremely Happy, The crew that came this time was excellent, really took their time.

Bridgette J

Extremely Happy, Your crew did a great job. The next door neighbor came over after they were done and told me my windows just sparkled!

Nancy P

Extremely Happy

Paula K

Extremely Happy, Very friendly guys and efficient

Debbie E

Extremely Happy, friendly staff, efficient, on time

Sandra F

Extremely Happy, Heidi and her crew are very efficient. They work fast and precise. I am very happy with the results.

Shannon M

Extremely Happy, Heidi & Kale were terrific…very professional, pleasant, hard working, thorough with each service provided! We were so very pleased with the results…everything sparkled:-) We will not hesitate to call on your company (and them) again!

Rick & Peach H

Extremely Happy, Heidi and her assistant did a great job as usual. Heidi is always friendly and curtious. We are always thrilled with the results. Our windows look amazing.

Linda S

Extremely Happy

John N

Satisfied, Very good crew.

Marge H

Extremely Happy, My husband was here and said how efficient and meticulous they both were. He was so pleased and so was I when I came home from work. Great Job and we were extremely happy with your service.

Linda S

Satisfied, Overall, I am happy, but can’t say “extremely”…the windows all look great. Heidi was great!!! The guy that was with her did not seem to do as good of a job on his windows as she did. He scratched the side light windows next to my front door and did not open the windows and clean the outside sill under where the window closes. So when I open the windows, that part of the sill still looks dirty. He also dripped a couple of drops of dirty water on my white carpet. I got it up though.

Amy P

Extremely Happy, I was so happy with the job, I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the job they did. They were professional and so quick. I will definitely be calling back for this same service and I’m sure other services in the near future.

Tom C

Extremely Happy, Steve was able to schedule me promptly, and discuss the pricing options, and the way the work would be completed. Heidi and Tyler were diligent workers and were willing to address any concerns I pointed out. My neighbor says he needs to wear shades to look at my house now because it is so bright and clean, and my windows are Fantastic even after the rainy weather we had this weekend. Thanks so much!!

Lynn R

I am very happy with the job that Heidi and the guys did yesterday. It exceeded my expectations. Everyone did an excellent job on the windows and the storm windows and one of the guys even helped me hang up curtains I had taken down before they arrived.

Carmel C

We had Morgan, Kale and Heidi clean the house on Monday and they did an absolutely spectacular job. We’re thrilled with what they did. They’re great people… great personality. You got three of the greatest there that you could ever have. Really appreciate it Steve. Thank you very much. Take care we’ll call you again. Thank you.

Tom G

Extremely Happy, Heidi and her team were very polite and extremely thorough in cleaning my windows, inside and out, in power washing my entire house and deck, and in cleaning out the gutters. They did an excellent job, and I really appreciated their hard work!

Joan Q

Extremely Happy, I love Heidi’s group. They are excellent and do a great job. I like the solution on the windows as water just runs off later leaving not spots.

Sandy P

Extremely Happy, These windows were extremely dirty as they hadn’t been washed in several years. I think the team did a good job with them and they were very respectful and polite.

Christine R

Extremely Happy, Two windows in the master bedroom were still dirty. I think maybe the squeegee was not rinsed well enough therefore the windows were smeared with dirt and squeegee marks. I think due to the sun it may have been difficult to see that the windows were not totally clean.

Charmane F

Extremely Happy, My windows are clean. Love my team captain. In and out quickly.

Lin R

Extremely Happy

Pamela H

Extremely Happy, Great job and the guys were very nice!

Denise C

Satisfied, The windows look fabulous but there was a fair amount of dirt on the floor under most windows which needed to be cleaned up. I assume it came from the screens. However I will surely use your services again. Just a little more attention to what the fallout from cleaning does to the area around would make it perfect.

Tina G

Satisfied, Overall outstanding job. I am impressed how well your staff were able to handle these challenging windows. They were “filthy”–second dirtiest job ever per one of your employees.

David H

Extremely Happy, They are very quick and thorough with the work.

Andy M

Extremely Happy, Very professional crew.

Andrew J

Disappointed, I was hoping to have my shutters cleaner on 3rd floor (they had been painted a month ago or so ) and the windows clean from bird droppings. I was told there was some staining due to time elapsed. On windows maybe, but the shutter should have come clean I hoped. Also the side on the house now looks dirtier than the start from the dirty water being sprayed down the side. I hoped the rain would have rinsed it. no go. The staff was nice and professional . I just expected a great result for the money. Don’t know if there is more that could have been done?

Beth K

Extremely Happy, We’ve had our windows cleaned by Squeegee Klean each year since we moved to York 8 years ago and have been pleased every time. This year, after our house was painted, the windows were particularly grimy. But after they were cleaned by Squeegee Klean, they sparkled!!!! Thanks!

Loyd and Mary-Jane B

Extremely Happy

Andrea S

Extremely Happy, Arrived early; were very courteous and removed shoes to clean window above ledge; put everything back in place and windows look great.

Eileen M

Another great job by the Pros at Squeegee-Klean!!! A very hard-working, competent and professional crew. Heidi is worth her weight in gold and she’s always welcome in our home. I’ll be circulating the cards she gave me to the neighbors. Thanks again,

Rick S

Extremely Happy, Heidi and her crew did a marvelous job. the windows were meticulously done and they were extremely careful in ensuring the house was keep immaculate while they were working. Totally professional crew. We have highly recommended them to others in the links neighborhood.

Bernadette K

Extremely Happy, The team was quick and efficient and respectful of our property.

Lisa B

Satisfied, Your window service is always great! Your people are very kind and friendly. The house power washing was good, but there are marks from where the bleach ran. In areas I can reach, I can minimize the look of the bleach marks with wet rags, but much of our house is out of my reach- maybe a good rain storm will also help. Would it be possible to use less bleach in the future?

Liza D

Steve, just wanted to say what a great job Dave did on windows & power washing. Appreciate very much his friendly & professional manner. Sincerely,

Bonnie M

Extremely Happy

Michael K


Extremely Happy, Whenever a service meets my expectations I am extremely happy. As you may know, that does not happen very often these days…

Ralph O


Testimonial via Voicemail:

Hi Steve, I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner since your crew completed work at my home last month. Albeit late in coming, I wanted to let you know that my wife and I are extremely pleased with the work Heidi and Kale performed. They were very friendly, professional and hard working. The house looks awesome. The shutters turned out just as you described to me by phone. Their beautiful! The deck never looked so good. The windows are squeaky clean. There is not one thing we were not pleased about. You can definitely count on us for repeat business…and we would want Heidi and Kale. They’re the best. Thanks so much for the great service!

Jack P

Extremely Happy, Steve and his crew are very prompt in tending to our requests over the years that we have engaged him……They are all very dependable, thorough and complete……….there is not anything, I don’t believe, that is beyond their realm of accomplishment!! ..If you have anything that needs to be done to your property, home and land, just call Squeegee Klean!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …Squeegee Klean to the Rescue!!

Norma F

Extremely Happy, Heidi and Cale are tireless workers. Very personable.
Very professional. They stated how much they like working for you.
We’ve had them several times and always do a very nice job.

Alan F

I am very happy with the job that was done!

Dennis G

Extremely Happy, Eric is so friendly and accommodating. He cleaned everything that I had requested and the job came out perfectly. Ron also asked him to clean the air conditioning units and he was very pleased with the results. I used your company when I lived in Owings Mills, Md and loved your work. I so appreciate you driving all the way down to Fairfax.

Nancy T

Extremely Happy, Heidi and Kale were so thorough in their cleaning. My husband and I are still talking about how clean our windows are and how much difference it makes in our house!

Pam K

Extremely Happy

Suzanne with Paradise Custom Kitchens, Inc.

Hi Steve: Just a quick note to let you know, Heidi and Kale have done another excellent job for me. They are a pleasure to work with and they do such a great job..Thanks for hiring people who care how they do their jobs..They are a real asset to your company. I will call again in a couple of months, perhaps before Christmas.

Thanks again
Joyce Z

Extremely Happy… They sent me an email and gave a little discount. They let me text them. They came the next day. They contacted me when they had an issue. When I didn’t get the message, they solved the problem and did the windows anyway. With the life I live, that was going to be how it would have to be for me to get the windows done. Thank you very much for incomparable service.
Sherry L

Extremely Happy
Steve S

Extremely Happy… Eric and Steve did a great job in a short period of time. In the past four people performed what these two gentlemen did.
Jackie M

Crew was very friendly and did a very good job. The only glitch was that I expected them between 9:00 and 11:00 and they came after 10:00 until 12:00.
Mike P

They did a great job and the windows look fabulous. I plan on using them again.
Sheri H

My windows were cleaned in less that one week from the time I contacted the vendor. The team arrived as scheduled and quickly an efficiently cleaned all our windows with minimal or no disruption to our home. To paraphrase Richard Nixon: ‘They made our windows perfectly clear’. I will have Squeegee Klean return on a regular basis.
John G

Prompt, efficient and reasonable cost.
James T

Testimonial via Voicemail:

Extremely Happy… As organizer of the cleaning for our Turnberry neighborhood, it is important that the process goes smoothly. And it did. Heidi and Eric adapted to the few changes and additions that were made to the cleaning schedule. The entire crew works efficiently, do a thorough job and they all cooperate with each other. Admirable. Thank you.
Jean H

Extremely Happy… The Squeegee Klean staff has always been wonderful!! Everyone is always friendly and quick with their cleaning! We’re looking forward to having Squeegee Klean continue to service our business!!
Noelle M

Dear Steve, I am now hooked to having my windows cleaned!! They look great inside and out. Your crew was great. They could not of been nicer. Can your company install gutter guards for us?
Kelly S

Cynthia R

Extremely Happy… The techs did a good job and were very professional.
Mike & Kay R

Extremely Happy… Good job, very quick and very fare price.

Extremely Happy… Eric did a great job.
Paul S

Extremely Happy… The cleaning was completed quickly and the staff was very nice. They did review the issue with the gutter and gave me hints how it can be corrected.
Lonna B

Extremely Happy… The guys, Erica and Kale came right on time. They worked quickly and did a super job. They finished lickety
split and were kind, and funny. My husband was so impressed he wants them to do his factory where he works. thanks you are a great company
Shirley A

Extremely Happy
Debbie S

Just a word about the service your company performed for me yesterday-

Eric and the guys arrived at the expected time. Eric explained how they were going to work the job. This was good because it let me know that they were going to do exactly what I wanted. All three were very polite making me feel comfortable as they moved throughout the house. All three were very efficient workers not even stopping their work as they answered my questions. As an engineering manager for over two decades, I would be happy to have any of these guys working for me (Don’t worry, I’m retired.)

The quality level of their work was excellent. In my experience, it’s tough to get a streak-free clean window in direct sunlight. It was no problem for your guys. Cleaning the screens and sills was also a nice touch that was sorely needed in my house.

In closing, thank-you and please pass along my thanks to your guys.
Have a great day,

Steve, the guys just finished.  Everything looks great.  Eric in particular, did a fantastic job.  Good worker, meticulous about the results.

John M

Wonderful crew  Heidi is a peach!!

Kim W

Hey Steve,
Just to let you know, Heidi and crew did a wonderful job, as usual. They are such a nice group of young people and their hard work is really appreciated! Our windows are BEAUTIFUL and I am sure the gutters are too 🙂
Looking forward to seeing them next year!

All the best,
Amy N

Mary Lou J.

Dear Steve, I just want to tell you that my neighbors asked me who cleaned my windows and I gave a RAVE review of you and your company. I was so pleased with the work AND the pleasant and efficient employees. I don’t know what they’ll decide, but I did my best for you. I’ll be calling for any window needs I have in the future and I always give you an A+ recommendation. It is so nice to work with a competent, pleasant person!

Nancy F.

Extremely Happy… This is the second time I have had the windows cleaned. The folks are great. They not only do a good job but they are personable. Getting my windows washed is fun. Inside fellow even had clean white socks! Thank you for the job you do.

Kimberly M.

Extremely Happy… Great job – my windows look great! Guys were pleasant. Already referred 2 friends.

Beth W.

I wanted you to know that the people you sent to clean my parent’s windows were amazing. My mom said that they did a fantastic job. They even tried to help my mom fix her washer. Please tell your employees that we appreciate the job that they did yesterday.

Scott L.

Steve – the crew today was extraordinary. Really nice people and job well done. Thanks so much.

Susan S.

Extremely Happy… Heidi and Keith have been doing my windows/pressure washing for several years and they are without question the hardest working, most efficient and pleasant people I have ever dealt with for home services. Their workmanship, attention to detail (like returning everything to it’s original place) is fantastic and Keith’s memory for the specific way I like things done is uncanny. It is not often that you can get such fast service without ever sacrificing the quality of the job.

Scott L.

Extremely Happy… Steve scheduled within a week and the crew was friendly, personable and did excellent work. A pleasure.

Dave M.

Extremely Happy… The Guys did are very good job on our windows and chandelier. Few minor issues, but all have been resolved. I have a better understanding of your service for our next cleaning.

Joan K.

Extremely Happy… The weather was dreadful and the young man that did the power washing was still very pleasant! It was difficult to determine how well the job was done because of the rain and it was reassuring to know that if there were any concerns that you would stand behind the work! We have always been extremely pleased with your service! Thank you!!

Lori B.

Extremely Happy… windows were very clean, everyone is always very friendly and professional.

John & Claudia K.

Extremely Happy… In & out in an hour — very good work — shoes off when appropriate – nice guys!

Fred A.

Extremely Happy… I have previously had my windows cleaned by Squeegee Kleen and was very satisfied. This time I wanted to arrange for a window cleaning at my son’s house. Windows had never been done before. Your team worked quickly and professionally and did an excellent job. Thank you very much.

Maureen S.

Steve, hats off to you for the great service you and your team provided last week. The crew was prompt, very friendly, and great sales people. They told me about the other services you offer. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give them my name.

Judith C.

Extremely Happy… Windows sparkled. Staff efficient and capable.

Reinhard G.

Extremely Happy… Friendly and efficient service.

Kate D.

Extremely Happy… Never thought my windows could be so clean!! friendly crew, too.

Alan F.

Extremely Happy… Two excellent workers. Did very good job. Friendly.

Kelly L.

Extremely Happy… Perfection.

Stacey T.

Extremely Happy… Keith and Heidi did an outstanding job. They were fast, clean as could be and delightful company.

Dodie P.

Extremely Happy.

Diane R.

Hi Steve, I stopped by the house after work and the windows and cabinets/shelves looks great!! Thanks very much for getting this done quickly. I’ll be in touch about doing a similar job at my Lexington Road house after I move out. Take care, Diane R

Paula A.

The first day I inquired about my gutters to be cleaned I received an email with a quote not an estimate. I wondered how he could quote me without coming out to the house. The owner told me that because he had my address he was able to do an areal view on the internet of my home to see what type of home I had and could also see how much gutter/spouting I had to be cleaned. The day the of the service the van broke down for that particular employee. He still came to the house to check it out and to see if my own ladder would suffice. One day the service guy just showed up, cleaned the gutters and that was it. Did a great job! Would hire.

Bill B.

Steve, Just a quick note to tell you that I am very pleased with the job that Eric & Bob did last Friday. They were very friendly, knowledgeable & thorough. It was a very pleasant experience. Regards, Bill B.

Gigi R.

Extremely Happy… The two guys that came out were great. Personable. Professional. Friendly. Hard Workers. Windows look great.

Rosanne R.

Extremely Happy… fast prompt appointment and awesome cleaning.

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