How often should I have my windows cleaned?

The Glass Association of North America or GANA recommends cleanings when “dirt and residue appear.” The importance of regular cleanings reduces the risk of harmful deposits which can damage glass. Squeegee Klean advise monthly cleanings for businesses and quarterly service for residential clients. Glass replacement is not cheap. Let us protect your investment.

My windows are treated with protective film (tint) can you still clean them?

Certainly , all of the products SqueegeeKlean uses does not contain ammonia or other harmful chemicals which would ruin your window tint. I work very closely with window tinting companies in the area and I am sure they would be happy to recommend us to clean your windows. I believe this is more of a reason to use our service because I am sure you paid a lot money for there product , we can help protect it.

Is the price I pay the same as my estimate?

If I give you a ball park figure over the phone, no. I will give a set price right before your service begins. If you have a written estimate or I have been out to your home to take a look well then your estimate is your price.

What are the products you use to clean my windows?

Well if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore , but what I could tell you is that we only use professional products for professional window cleaners. No ammonia is used. All of our products are safe for the wood work around your windows and your pets can even lick our solution and not get sick.

We used a window cleaner last year but we can’t seem to get in contact with him again can you clean my windows for the same price as he did?

Umm, mostly likely not. But there is a possibility It looks like you experienced a fly by night window cleaner. They are probably out of business for various reasons one being they under priced there work and got out of the business. I am sorry as stated on our pricing page we are not in the business for under bidding jobs. I believe you get what you pay for and if your looking for bottom line price well then bottom line service is there brother.Squeegee Klean can provide you with a constant year in year out quality service for a fair price.

I have several windows with moisture inside the glass? My windows are not old! How did this happen?

This is referred to as IG or insulated glass failure. Many windows stay clear after 20 years when others are clouded in only 20 days. If you are experiencing this, refer to your warrantee information sooner rather than later. The reasons generally trace back to manufacturing mistakes or oversight. Even the best fabricators will have some failed units. However, the window is still defective and not your fault. Reputable providers of quality glass will stand behind their products.

Why should I get my gutters cleaned no one ever sees them?

Well that is true but what is not true is that when your gutters are full of debris problems can arise that can be costly to fix. In colder climates such as ours when gutters are full of debris any water that is in them gets trapped. When the temperature gets below freezing this water in your gutters can freeze and it could actually cause your gutters to pull away from your roof line. Its better to be safe then sorry.

Why should I pressure wash my home its only going to get dirty again?

True, but why do you wash your car? Most people tend to stray away from things that seem less important and far down the road. Pressure washing your home will be a preventive measure in the future for the value of your home. If you take care of your investment, you will get more return on your investment in the long run.

How long will my windows stay clean?

Well that is tough to say. Many factors I would take into consideration are what type of area you live in, how dirty is the exterior of your home, and do you have screens on your windows. I typically tell customers that your interior windows will stay clean close to one year. Finger prints and cooking grease are the only factors which can cause you windows to get dirtier earlier. Your exterior windows will get dirty quicker because they are exposed to the elements. I typically tell customers that you will notice you exterior windows getting dirty again after 3- 4 months. But that all depends on certain various factors.

Why should I have both the inside and outside cleaned at the same time?

We strongly recommend doing both the inside and outside at the same time for a first time customer to see the full effect of a perfectly cleaned window. A smear or smudge on the inside not cleaned by a professional could leave you dissatisfied with your service. You will be amazed at the difference it makes!

The company we had, came at different times, is this common?

Many of the larger window cleaning companies are based far from their job sites and this causes scheduling problems. We are based locally, so we’re always in the neighborhood! Once you set the frequency of your cleaning service, that’s how often we will be there, weather permitting.

Is this a year round business for you?

Yes, our commercial accounts get serviced throughout the winter months and all year round. Our policy for residential services are. “If the ground is green we will clean, if it’s white we might.”

Is there ever an occasion when you cannot clean?

Unfortunately there is;

Pressure Washing: Temperature should be above 40 degrees.

Gutter Cleaning: Temperatures must be above freezing and have stayed above freezing for a couple of days because it is very hard to remove frozen debris in your gutters.

Window Cleaning: We recommend temperature be above 28 degrees in order to complete a quality job. We also don’t prefer to clean in steady rain, and certainly not in windy conditions especially if we need to use ladders. During instances when we can not clean exterior windows we try to schedule interior cleaning and we come back to do the exterior.

Roof Cleaning: This service is very weather dependent. If temperatures are below 50 degrees our chemicals take a longer time to kill away the staining. We also can not complete this service on rainy days, very windy days or if there is light rain forecasted within 12-24 hours of the service.

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