Screen Repair/Re-screening

We also provide screen repair and re-screening.

Did you know that aluminum screens can be ruining your windows?

alluminum-screensThe picture on the right is an example of what aluminum screening can do to your windows.Please pay great attention to the before and after areas. The chalky look on the before side  was caused by a aluminum screen. This type of screen is very common on Andersen windows that were installed anywhere from 8-30 years ago. Over time(normally 10-12 years) the aluminum screen will oxidize. This oxidation process is natural,however it has a few adverse side effects on your windows.

  1. The oxidation is transferred to your windows causing a common stain known as “screen burn”
  2. This stain in most occasions goes unnoticed because it’s hard to recognize the stain because the screens are on and most people just “assume” their windows are very dirty.
  3. If the stain is neglected over time it will get worse and cost you  MORE MONEY to restore your windows to their normal condition
  4. In worst case scenario this stain is determined to be stage II corrosion and your only other option is window replacement

If you have this problem we can help you  restore your stained windows and convert the old screening over to the newer state of the art fiberglass screening.

We have all sizes and colors to accommodate your needs. We even have pet screening and solar screening!!

Do your screens look like this?

torn screenBelieve it or not some of our customer’s have screens that are in this bad of condition. Over time the sun and other elements will deteriorate your screens. Screens also fade over time and can be damaged by :

  1. The Sun
  2. Acid Rain
  3. Salt and Cinder’s
  4. Insect’s
  5. Your Child
  6. Normal Wear and Tear

Your screen’s life span depends on many things and it would be silly to try to narrow one down. Most screens will last anywhere between 8-10 years, however some many last longer and others a bit less.

This screen has seen  it’s fair share of better days. Screen repair is relatively cheap compared to the cost of replacing and entire screen. The cost of repairing your screen is solely determined  on the size, color,and type of screen your would prefer.

Most replacements can be done for  between $20-$35 and if your not a regular recurring client of ours yet we will even come and pick up and drop off the repaired screen(s) for an small additional fee.

A hole this size will allow insects into your home

repair-torn-ripped-window-screen-200x200If you’re a fresh air person and open your windows and doors regularly to let the air in, we recommend closely inspecting your screens. Damaged screens can allow bugs and other insects into your home. A hole about the size of a pencil is  large enough to let those critters in.

Just Remember …..

  1. We can pick-up and drop off any screens that you need repaired.
  2. Replacing the screen and spline is a fraction of the cost of screen replacement.
  3. The average cost of repair is only between $20-$35

Call us today to get your screens fixed!!

We will even come pick up your screens if you live in Baltimore, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Reading, Gettysburg or York.

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