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If your gutters look like this…


Houston…We have a Problem!

Cleaning gutters may be the most overlooked home maintenance job—for obvious reasons. Most homeowners cannot see into their gutters, and are not aware of the debris that can build up in them. Many do not realize the damage that clogged gutters can cause. And even those homeowners who do understand the importance of maintaining clean and functioning gutters shy away from the prospect of climbing on ladders or onto their roof to undertake what can be a messy and even dangerous job.

Still, maintaining clean gutters is work that is too important to ignore. Gutters play a critical role in moving rainwater away from your house where it can do no damage. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, branches, shingle granules and other debris, they cannot function properly. Rainwater, instead of running through the gutter system and down your rain spouts, will cascade over your gutters and down exterior walls, possibly damaging landscaping but more importantly saturating the ground around your foundation. In a worst-case but all too common scenario, the water can weaken your foundation and enter your home, damaging the interior of your house and promoting the growth of mold.

We recommend that most homes have their gutters cleaned once or twice per year – sometimes more often for homes located in densely wooded areas where twigs and leaves can accumulate quickly. Squeegee Klean offers a gutter cleaning service that removes all debris except asphalt shingle grit from your gutters.

Don’t risk life or limb by climbing on ladders or clambering across your roof to tackle the messy but important job of cleaning your gutters. Instead, call the pros at Squeegee Klean gutter cleaning service and leave the climbing, and cleaning, to us.

Our gutter cleaning pricing is very simple to equate and easy to understand

If your gutters Do Not have any gutter guards protection system on them, we charge:

  • $1 per linear foot of gutter cleaned

If your gutters Do have a gutter guard system on them, we charge:

  • $2 per linear foot of gutter cleaned for snap or pull off guards
  • $3 per linear foot of gutter cleaned for fixed,bolt, or screw on gutter guards

We can also hand pick or blow off your  roof so that twigs , leaves and other debris does not get back into your gutter system. We charge:

  • $65 for homes that are 2,000 square feet and under
  • $85 for homes that are 2,000-3,500 square feet
  • $105 for homes that are 3,500- 5,000 square feet
  • Home over 5,000 square feet please call for further pricing

*If the roof is not walkable (over  9/12 pitch) we charge an additional $35

Our service plan includes:

  1. removal of all gutter debris except for shingle grit
  2. unclogging of down spouts and flushing if needed
  3. bagging of debris and placement in or around your garbage can (unless otherwise specified)
  4. 5 point gutter assessment to make sure your gutter system is working properly and not in need of repair
  5. brushing off tops of gutter guards if present

We have a $100 minimum service charge for all gutter cleaning jobs which may also be subject to job location.

Be sure to call or email us today to schedule your cleaning !!

If not, your gutters might look like this over the winter months.


The above picture is known as “ice damming”. This problem is very common over the winter months for 2 reasons:

  1. Your gutters are clogged and the melting snow can not flow through the gutters which in turn cause the water to freeze in your gutters causing a mini glacier to form
  2. There is too much snow on the first 3 feet of your roof line from the gutter. The freeze and thaw cycle causes a mini glacier to form in your gutters

“Ice Damming” can be very problematic. It can cause your gutters to tear away from the roof line and also cause water to back up into your home which can cause mold to form. Both of these problems are very costly to deal with and can be stopped before ever occurring. By cleaning out your gutters in the fall and removing the snow from the first 3 feet of your roof line will save you a ton of money. If your looking for a professional to assist you with those dangerous but necessary chores please be sure to contact us today.

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