Spring Meadows Community Project

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Basic Window Cleaning

Starting at…


25 windows = $300
30 windows = $360
35 windows = $420
40 windows = $480
45 windows = $540

  • All windows and doors cleaned inside and out with a very quick wipe of sill area (area where window sits when its closed) (generally focuses on to remove 75-85% of grime on sill area).
  • If the sill area is very dirty and you’re particular about those areas we advise upgrading to the Elite Package (see below).
  • Elite Package upgrade which includes a more focused cleaning of the sill area and screen cleaning is priced per item.
    $4 per sill
    $4 per screen
  • If you’re interested in exterior only cleaning you must remove the exterior screens and the cost is 75% of the cost listed above.


  • The pricing above is valid on windows that are flat glass only [meaning the mullions (wooden/plastic) grids must be removable or built in-between the window panes].
  • Price does not include any hard water mineral or oxidation staining which can be present on glass from lack of cleaning over the years.
  • We must have a clear path to access the interior window.

Soft Wash Exterior House Cleaning

Starting at…


Service Includes:

  • Softwash detergent (algacide & soap) application and rinse all vinyl siding on home, soffit and fascia areas (where vinyl is present only unless otherwise noted).
    *Normally lasts 3 to 5 years.
  • Gutter fronts will be rinsed clean of organic growth only where vinyl is present.
  • Black streaks and discoloration (oxidation) on gutters will not be removed unless you consider the gutter brightening option (please see below).

Add-Ons to House Wash Service:

  • If you have a stone or brick front facade and you would like that done as well.
    add $125
  • Gutter brightening: cleans front potion of gutters seen from ground, removes most black streaks, grime, discoloration.
    add $165-195
  • If you have any (dryvit/stucco/eifs) and interested in getting these areas cleaned, please reach out to me for specific quotes.
  • If you’re interested in having a deck or patio cleaned, please reach out to me for specific quotes.


  • The pricing above does not include cleaning any foundations (stone, brick, cinderblock) unless otherwise specified.
  • Does not include decks, sidewalks, porches, porch ceilings, railings or shutters unless otherwise noted. We can do these areas, please ask for pricing if interested.
  • Please note: when house wash is done, windows will be dry spotted and streaky. There is no way to avoid this. If this is concerning to you, we advise opting for the All Inclusive package to include house wash and window cleaning.
  • Weep holes on the underside of vinyl siding and underside of porches/covered patios may continue to drip dirty water long after we leave. There is no way to prevent this from occurring in some situations because there is dirt behind the siding/soffit and it mixes with water. If you see these “runs” they should easily wipe up with a rag and water or in some cases (on siding only) the first rain will remove them.
  • If there are other surfaces on the home, for example: if the front of the home is brick and 3 sides vinyl, the gutter fronts, soffit and fascia that is part of the brick will not be done unless otherwise you opt for those areas to be cleaned as well.

All Inclusive 

BEST VALUE Starting at…


Package Includes:

  • Basic window cleaning service for up to 35 windows.
  • Soft wash of vinyl siding on homes.

Add Ons:

  • Upgrade to elite screen and sill cleaning.
    add screens $3 per
    add sills $3 per
  • Gutter brightening.
    add $140-165
  • Front stone or brick cleaning
    add $100.


  • All disclaimers on other 2 packages also apply to all inclusive package.
  • If you have more than 35 windows, additional fees will apply.

*Best, fastest and most convenient communication method is email or text:

steve@squeegeeklean | 717-465-2822

Community Discounts!

  • 5+ homes = 10% off
  • 10+ homes = 15% off
  • 15+ homes =18% off
  • 20+ homes= 20% off
  • All homes must be scheduled on same day(s) in order for discount to be valid for that homeowner.
  • A minimum of 3 homes residents must sign up to receive package pricing.

Package Disclaimers:

  • Package prices are valid only during community event.
  • All surcharges above will apply if needed and agreed to.
  • All jobs will be scheduled in batches of 2 or more on the same day(s), week(s).
  • If you’re planning on doing just exterior services, there is no reason to be home when services are being completed (if cleaning only exterior windows, screens must be removed).
  • If we are washing your home, we need to ensure your exterior water spigot is turned on and in working order.
  • If you want interior services completed, you must be there or leave a way for us to get into your home.

Ask About Our Additional Services

Gutter Cleaning

(cleans out debris from gutters to ensure they flow freely and do not back up causing damage to foundations)

Roof Cleaning

(removes black streaks and green spots from roof shingles using a soft wash application which is safe for the roof and prolongs the life of the roof by killing off the organic growth which feeds off the limestone in your shingles)

Carpet Cleaning/Tile & Grout Cleaning

(extract the unseen filth, allergens, dirt and grime out of your carpets and tile flooring)

Screen Repair/Re-Screening

(repair holes and torn window and door screens)

Vinyl Shutter Restoration

(rejuvenates your vinyl shutters’ color and brilliance for a fraction of the cost of replacement)

Custom packages are also available based on your needs and wants.


Please email or text photos of the areas to be serviced to steve@squeegeeklean.com | 717-465-2822 for a custom estimate.

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